Corporal Edgar ‘Trevor’ Oliver Royal Engineers

Finding ‘T Oliver’ was for some time quite problematic as every search of the surname Oliver in and around Blandford on genealogy sites became a dead end.

This was until whilst researching Richard Stafford Candy I went to photograph Shillingstone War Memorial. The memorial at The Blandford School only mentions a T Oliver but now I knew I was looking for Edgar Trevor things became a lot easier.


Trevor was born in April 1921, the only child of Albert and Rose Oliver and is likely to have been at Blandford Secondary School at the time when Mr Greenhalgh retired as headmaster and the governors decided to rename the school ‘Blandford Grammar School’.

He attended Cannings College in Bath and then went to work at the Horstmann Gear Company in 1938. At the time of the massive expansion of the Territorial Army after Munich, Trevor joined the Royal Engineers in Bath. (Probably either 204 (Wessex) Field Company or 207 (Wessex) Field Park Company. RE)

Trevor was posted to the Middle East in April 1940 to join 4 Engineering Stores Base Depot Royal Engineers as a Clerk. He died of fever in hospital in Palestine 29 September 1941.

As yet I have been unable to locate a portrait photograph.


somerset county herald oct 18 1941 E T Oliver

e t oliver wmem

e t oliver

bath weekly chronicle 11 oct 1941 e t oliver

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