The war memorial plaque at The Blandford School comprises three parts:

The Blandford Secondary School memorial for WW1;

The Blandford Grammar School memorial for WW2;

The Blandford Upper School memorial for the Falklands War.

Not shown on the plaque are the names of former pupils of Milton Abbas Grammar School (which was Blandford’s Grammar School until 1929).

Read about the design and opening of the memorial.

This site is intended to record the life stories of ALL the former masters and pupils of these four Blandford schools. This reflects both the wider catchment area of those schools and that schoolmasters came to live in Blandford from all over Britain. This site is the end result of at least 1500 hours of research across online resources, networking, and archival research since 2012. Comments and contributions are of course very welcome indeed….