Ordinary Seaman Frank Lithgow Wyatt, RNVR

Frank Lithgow Wyatt

western gazette f l wyatt

Ordinary Seaman Frank Lithgow Wyatt would have been in the same school year as Heywood Cluett, Robert Richards and Allan Munden. He was the son of Arthur Wyatt who was the owner of Wyatt’s Ironmongers in Market Place Blandford. If you go and look in the doorway of Humberts Estate Agent at 1 Market Place the doorstep is still inlaid with WYATT in mosaic tiles. Look up above the shop and it is obvious it was the Ironmongers by the decorative iron balustrade.


Frank is the only Naval casualty.


Stationed at Crystal Palace, Frank died in training on 31st December 1916 at Norwood Cottage Hospital. He was 18 years old.