Private Alfred William Mesher

One of the dearest

One of the best

God grant to him

Eternal rest


Alfred William Mesher, was born in Pimperne and lived in Shillingstone. His father William was a Plasterer by trade. Born in 1896 he is one of the youngest men on the Blandford school memorial and would have left around 1910-11. He originally enlisted in the Army Ordnance Corps (the branch which dealt with ammunition supply) and first went to Egypt after training. From there he was sent to France about March 1916 and was injured in an explosion in which two other men were killed in May 1917.

Injured in explosion

Returning to duty, at some point he transferred to the significantly more dangerous Machine Gun Corps serving with the 31st Battalion. He died of wounds on 29th June 1918 probably incurred during ‘Operation Borderland’ the attack through the Forest of Nieppe which was one of the actions which marked the beginning of the offensive operations during summer 1918 which would end the war in November. He is buried in Cinq Rues Cemetery outside Hazebrouck which holds frontline burials from the German Spring Offensive of 1918.

holy rood shillingstone roll of honour

Roll of honour Holy Rood church Shillingstone

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Shillingstone War Memorial