Private Allan Gordon Munden

Allan Gordon Munden
Western Chronicle July 3 1914 A G Munden
Born in Blandford Dec 1898 his father was the Superintendent of a Life insurance company. Although he attended Blandford Secondary School midway through that time the family moved to Ilminster in Somerset.
Given his age it is likely that he was a conscript.
Allan was posted to 1/1 battalion Herefordshire Regiment. On 30 June 1918 they were attached to 102nd Infantry Brigade of the 34th Division. In comparison to all the other Western Front casualties on the school memorial he is buried much further south in France near Soissons. Allan died on the 23rd July 1918 on the opening day of the ‘Battle of Soissonais and of the Ourcq’ which was a major French offensive of 24 Divisions with 2 British and 2 US Divisions in support under French command with 478 Tanks massed in the attack. The 34th Division was part of the predominantly French XXX corps of the 10th Army. The eventual outcome of this battle was to reverse all the German gains from the Spring Offensive in that southern sector.
(This battle incidentally was when Adolf Hitler won his Iron Cross First Class.)
As well as being commemorated on the Blandford School Memorial, Allan’s name appeared on the Ilminster Grammar School memorial as well. He was 19 years old.